Brass Male/Female End Cap Plug

Brass Male/Female End Cap Plug

A Brass Male/Female End Cap Plug, also known simply as an End Cap Plug, is a type of plumbing fitting used to close or seal the end of a pipe or tube. It serves the purpose of preventing the flow of fluid or gas through the open end and is commonly used in plumbing and piping systems. Here's an explanation of what an End Cap Plug is and the difference between an end plug and an end cap:

End Cap Plug (Brass Male/Female)

  • End Cap: An end cap is a fitting that covers the end of a pipe or tube, creating a seal to prevent the escape of fluid or gas. It is typically a closed-off piece with no openings.
  • End Plug: An end plug is similar to an end cap in that it closes the end of a pipe or tube. However, it may have male or female threads on its outer surface, allowing it to be threaded onto the pipe or into another fitting.

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