Brass Angle valve

Brass Angle valve

A Brass Angle Valve is a type of plumbing valve designed with an angled body, typically at 90 degrees, which allows for easy control of water flow in tight spaces or corners. These valves are essential components in plumbing systems and have a wide range of applications.

Common Uses of Brass Angle Valves

  1. Toilet and Bathroom Fixtures: Brass angle valves are frequently used to control the water supply to toilets, sinks, and bidets. They are often installed behind or underneath these fixtures, making them accessible yet discreet.
  2. Kitchen Faucets: In kitchens, angle valves are used to connect and control the flow of water to faucets and other water-related appliances.
  3. Washing Machines: These valves are installed to regulate the water supply to washing machines. The angled design allows for convenient placement in laundry areas.
  4. Hot Water Heaters: In water heater installations, angle valves are used to control the inlet and outlet of hot water, enabling easy maintenance and repairs.
  5. Water Filtration Systems: Angle valves are used in water filtration setups to control the flow of filtered water to faucets or dispensers.
  6. Dishwashers: Brass angle valves are essential components in dishwasher installations, allowing for the control of water supply to the appliance.

3 Way Angle Valve

A 3-way angle valve is a specialized type of angle valve with three openings, typically used to control the flow of water from two sources into a single outlet or vice versa. These valves allow for more complex plumbing configurations, such as diverting water from one source to two outlets or selecting between two sources for a single outlet.

Common applications of 3-way angle valves include:

  1. Shower Diverters: They are often used in shower systems to control whether water flows from the showerhead, bathtub spout, or a hand-held shower wand.
  2. Hot Water Recirculation Systems: In systems designed to provide hot water quickly to fixtures, 3-way angle valves can be used to control the flow of hot water back to the water heater for recirculation.
  3. Sink and Faucet Configurations: They can be used in kitchen or bathroom sink setups to switch between different water sources or to provide filtered water in addition to regular tap water.

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